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Lucy St. John

MeD, ERYT-500, Integrated Body Psychotherapist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Program Director of 200 & 300 hr YTT.

Lucy's Story

When I travelled to India in 1995, it changed the course of my life. I experienced Unity consciousness and only the yogis could explain my experience to me. I began to immerse myself in the living tradition of yoga.

I wanted others to feel the expansiveness of humility and awe for themselves.

So I began offering free Vedic talks, but nobody came…
So I stopped teaching hoping that one day someone would want to learn.

I learned from one of the oldest yoga traditions while integrating those wisdoms into contemporary life.

Yoga is an adaptable system in which the heart of the teachings remain constant through world changes.

I’m committed to inclusive spaces in which a true community of seekers can explore, be vulnerable and grow with a compassionate foundation.

In reverence to my teacher’s teacher, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who developed Transcendental Meditation


I have now led more than 40+ Teacher Training Programs, bringing a wealth of story and curiosity to the teachings. I graduated with my Masters in Education in Contemplative Inquiry and Contemporary Approaches to Pedagogy in 2021.

As the Program Director of 200 & 300 hour programs at the leading non-profit Yoga school in Canada, I have developed a curriculum that both honours the traditional lineage from which I learned and integrates the current challenges in decolonization of yoga, trauma sensitivity and, innovative yoga anatomy.

  • Registered Yoga Alliance School designation RYS 200 + 300

  • Personally Registered Yoga Alliance Designation E-RYT 500 YACEP

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