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Trauma-Informed Yoga Teacher Training


Course Description

Trauma Informed Yoga techniques are simple, highly effective and versatile and can be easily integrated into a variety of settings. Traumatic events may lead to isolation and feelings of helplessness. Traumatic stressors can cause symptoms including anxiety and depression, and lead individuals to develop a variety of dysfunctional coping strategies.

Research supports the benefits of Yoga as an effective compliment to other traditional therapies in the stabilization and healing of individuals struggling with the aftermath of acute or chronic, prolonged exposure to trauma.

By supporting and enhancing the efficacy of other therapeutic interventions, Yoga can contribute to an individual’s long-term stability and recovery. Yoga and healthcare professionals can learn to utilize Yoga with groups and individuals in order to safely support them in developing a sense of agency, safe embodiment and to provide them with tools for self-regulation.

Upon completion of this 25 hour training, participants will have a comprehensive understanding of the underpinnings and application of trauma informed Yoga theories and techniques to support survivors in their healing.

Lead by:

Nicole Marcia, MA, C-IAYT, TCTSY-F, YACEP

Nicole Marcia, MA, C-IAYT, TCTSY-F, YACEP


  • Gain a foundation in trauma informed Yoga theory and techniques

  • Therapeutic application of yoga when working with depression, anxiety, addictions, PTSD and developmental/complex trauma

  • Learn how to create safe classes

  • Investigate the differences and intersections between

  • Western medical and Yogic perspectives Trauma and the brain, polyvagal and attachment theory.

  • Anti-oppressive practice of Yoga as a form of embodied activism

  • Dynamics within the therapeutic relationship including the importance of boundaries, self-care, strengths-based and client centered practices


Please etransfer 100.00 non-refundable deposit
Total tuition is $550 + 5% GST (includes a manual)

Heights Yoga & Wellness and online

Dates and times: 

TBA 2025

200 hour yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite

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