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Chair Yoga Teacher Training


Course Description

Yoga is for everyone. Many lineages of Yoga can be adapted for practice in a chair, allowing a wide population range to experience its benefits. Chair Yoga is definitely not just for those with impaired mobility however – it is a wellness practice that can be done anytime, anywhere while wearing street clothes. And it’s incredibly FUN!

Elderly care and exercise are growing in demand as our population ages. The practice of Chair Yoga is gentle and accessible to everyone, whether they are recovering from surgery, athletic injury, use a wheelchair, or have limited range of motion. Physical therapists, Yoga teachers, nurses, eldercare associates and administrators, and senior living communities are all new and growing areas exploring this form of Yoga and specialized Yoga instruction.

Chair Yoga is also developing into an extremely popular wellness practice in the workplace. Many companies are incorporating Yoga, especially Chair Yoga, into their employment packages as part of their company benefits. Not only does it make their workplace stand out from the crowd, but it facilitates team bonding, keeps employees healthy and active, and increases productivity. With more and more people either working from, or voluntarily staying, home, being able to do Yoga in your living room or office with very little preparation and no equipment is increasingly in demand.

Our Chair Yoga Teacher Training prepares 200 hr Yoga teachers to adapt traditional Yoga Asana into vibrant and interesting seated practices so that students of any age, shape, ability or in any location may enjoy a Yoga class safely and comfortably.

Lead by:

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT 500, YACEP

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT 500, YACEP


  • Asana – how to modify and adapt for various conditions, limitations and intentions.

  • Sun Salutations & Vinyasa – how to adapt movement linked to breath for a chair Yoga class.

  • Props – how to use chairs, wheelchairs, walkers, walls, straps, blocks and balls to deepen chair Yoga practices.

  • Anatomy – how to prevent injury and work with students with limited range of motion.

  • Pranayama – how to teach breath practices for stress reduction, to deepen the experience of the class and to promote lung health.

  • Meditation – how to successfully introduce students to various styles of meditation.

  • Myofascial Self-Release – how to use balls to teach students to manipulate the fascia of their feet, necks and backs (with a special emphasis on the reduction of Tech Neck)

  • EFT – how to use the practice of tapping to reduce stress and enhance the experience of Yoga.


Please etransfer 100.00 non-refundable deposit. Full tuition is $550 + 5% GST

Heights Yoga & Wellness and online

Dates and times: 

TBA 2025

*200 hour yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite

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