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Biotensegrity Teacher Training


Course Description

The term Biotensegrity was coined by Dr. Stephen Levin, and is the application of tensegrity principles to biological structures.

Biological structures such as muscles, bones, fascia, ligaments and tendons, or rigid and elastic cell membranes, are made strong by the unison of tensioned and compressed parts. The musculoskeletal system maintains tension in a continuous network of muscles and connective tissues, while the bones provide discontinuous compressive support.

Even the human spine, which seems at first glance like a stack of vertebrae resting on each other, is actually a tensegrity structure.

Understanding the principles of biotensegrity helps us to consider the human body as a connected whole as opposed to as a collection of disparate parts.

When we begin to feel the body being held together by the intelligent web of our fascia, we begin to be able to practice in an enquiry-based way: constantly assessing what our continuously changing bodies need with every breath. This inside-out way of thinking leads to more interoceptive practicing, teaching and cueing.

Come take a deep dive with us into this 25 hr training on the cutting-edge science of fascia, and the theory that pulls it all together to open the doors of perception in your practice like nothing else can. This training will be a mixture of anatomy and creativity, thinking and movement, mess-making and orderly thought. And there will be games, scientific experiments, doodling and crafts!

Lead by:

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT-500 YACEP

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT-500 YACEP


  • The science and anatomy of human fascia

  • The principles of tensegrity and biotensegrity, and their histories

  • The art of interoceptive practice

  • The science of myofascial self-release

  • The new educational paradigm of heterarchy

  • How to apply biotensegrity to your chosen style of Yoga

  • The benefits of bringing biotensegrity into the Yoga studio


Please etransfer 100.00 non-refundable deposit. Full tuition is $550 + 5% GST

Heights Yoga & Wellness and online

Dates and times: 

TBA - let us know if you want to be on the waiting list!

200 hour yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite

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