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Myofascial Self-Release Teacher Training


Course Description

In this 25 hour training, we will share a wide range of options for fascial release for the major areas of the body and mind.

We will first explore the science of the fascial network and then move on to enjoy experiencing Myofascial Self Release Techniques including the benefits and contraindications of each technique.

We will present a wide range of accessible tools that can be used to incorporate this type of self-care work into both your home and teaching practices. Integrate this learning into your tissues and deeply rejuvenate yourself.

Relaxing essential oils will be incorporated into the practices.

Lead by:

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT 500 YACEP
Lucy St John M Ed, ERYT-1000, YACEP

Niki Inglis, M Ed, M Arch, ERYT 500 YACEP
Lucy St John M Ed, ERYT-1000, YACEP


  • Multiple fascial release techniques for each major area ~ spine, shoulders, hips, legs, feet, arms, hands and knees

  • How to use a wide range of tools and create your own

  • Pitfalls and contraindications

  • Knowledge of the fascial network – what it is and what it does.

  • Tips & tricks for incorporating MFSR into your practice and your daily life to reduce overall tension and alleviate pain

  • Clear instructions for incorporating fascial awareness and release techniques into your classes if you are a teacher (plus a written cheat sheet)


Please etransfer 100.00 non-refundable deposit. Full tuition is $550 + 5% GST

Heights Yoga & Wellness and online

Dates and times: 

TBA - contact us to be on the waiting list!

*200 hour yoga teacher training is not a prerequisite

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